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working online feels like specs of graphite flying off, a constant sharpening of pages, debris all over, a  newer edge to the pencil, the promise of a smooth line...


Projects List


Year Collaboration with: Title Objective
1999 University of Central Lancashire - Department of Health Introducing Applied Medical Anthropology To introduce applied medical anthropology to students with no access to residential tutoring
2000 University of Queen's Belfast - School of Anthropological Studies Introducing Social Anthropology To introduce Social Anthropology to Students for open days, recruitment, teaching
2001 University of Kent Wrapped Gifts Page

Wrapped Gifts Monograph
To publish doctoral thesis online as part of the University of Kent Online Monographs and provide open access to research findings
2000 Department of Anthropology -UWL Department of Anthropology Departmental Website (also 2001, 2003, 2004)
2000 Department of Anthropology -UWL Anthropology-online Advertising, promotion and definition of e-learning project for the department
2000 - At Home with Anthropology To start e-learning platform for the learning and teaching of anthropology
Department of Anthropology UWL Distance Learning Anthropology

To create, convert and re-use  anthropology teaching materials for future use in a BA and MA e-learning. To start teaching

2001 Department of Anthropology Student & Staff Conference Website
2002 Visual Learning, Visual Teaching Online teaching: The role of visual media in the delivery of Anthropology online’ Website to illustrate the delivery of Anthropology-online
2002-2005 Department of Anthropology -UWL E-learning Anthropology To deliver the e-learning html platform and teaching of At Home with Anthropology.
* (as above)



* To set up a blog for informal communication and feedback with students



* To set up a Virtual Coffee area for students for formal communication and tutorial feedback
* * * To set up student pages, tutorial, reading, and administrative support
* * * To adapt modules to Authorware distribution
* * * To incorporate paper-based materials and continue building the pool of modules and teaching resources
* * * To build up new materials to substittue those created between 2000-2005
2003 Department of Anthropology The Lampeter Link Website
2003 Department of Anthropology & Philosophy MA in Nature Website
2004 Department of Anthropology & C-SAP Staff/Student Workshop NWAS To start a welsh national network of students and a learning workshop on student's developing web making skills and library
2004 Department of Anthropology Welcome to the Department of Anthropology Promotional Video To promote and advertise the Department of Anthropology throught a showcase of video, materials and presentations
2004 Department of Arcaheology and Anthropology Staff Departmental Website Departmental Website (pre-corporate website)
2005 - Digital Ethnographies To develop electronic delivery and website of ethnographic fieldwork
2006 -
2006-2008 Department of Archaeology and Anthropology E-learning Committee To create a series of electronic documentation to support the development of e-learning and future blended learning
2008 & 2009 Department of Anthropology & C-SAP

Exploring Consent & Dominance 
Exploring Consent & Dominance network site Press

Postgraduate Conference, website, network and publication
2008-2009 C-SAP & iCES Anthropology-projects To develop a site where to examine and promote open anthropology teaching and learning
2009 Self-Archiving, iCES Anthropology research papers & journal Anthropology-projects

To self-archive papers, edit Anthropology papers and journal

(Journal/Review: Anthropology, Dissent and Cultural Politics)

2009 Anthropology Twitter twitter.com/Anthropologies

To twit on anthropology news and my anthropological passions

2009 Anthropology journal
Dissent and Cultural Politics

Dissent and Cultural Politics

An Open Access Anthropology Journal through a

Creative Commons Licence

2009 Employability Website C-SAP Employability Event

To create a site where to develop employability issues for anthropology, sociology and politics and edited volume (with C-SAP)

2009 Open Access Workshop C-SAP Conference: Rights, Roles and Responsabilities

Powerpoint presentation and example of licensed work with Creative Commons



The Project list presents an overview of examples of learning and teaching strategies. These are complemented with the section on materialities that has further teaching materials.



These are projects I have either created, produced or been involved with using different source materials.


Whilst I am the author of all  the electronic strategies for delivering the learning materials, some of the projects are large and complex in terms of authorship. I have tried to be careful in locating authorship and copyright in all cases.


Further documentation will be uploaded to contextualise and explain each project.



Email me for any queries.